Vanessa Tran | @loch.nessa

Here's to another quarter of laughing, learning, and exploring this beautiful city
pc: @tongjinnnn🌻
One college quarter closer to outer space πŸ€“πŸš€ #nessa2nasa
just another snazzy sunday ✨
a little party never killed nobody #prom
we lost cell reception but we found sea lions and great coffee for only a dollar
Already missing the glory days ❀️ #cruisinforabruisin #o2squad
no matter the snow or sun, may your Christmas be merry πŸŽ„
cheers to sixteen years on this molten rock hurtling through the cosmos πŸŽ‚
6hrs to go #destinationdisney ✌️
merry Christmas! β›„οΈπŸŽ…πŸŽ„
Rainy day writing πŸ’•

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