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Feeling pretty accomplished today because I finished a beat mixtape that I've been working on and I'm extremely proud of myself 😌 I think I'm going to share with you guys!
Comment 👂🏾If you want to hear it
& if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself? 💛
what's your favorite #freedum 🌼 animation? If you haven't seen all 9 of them, they're available on Apple Music ⚡️ #applemusic
when you brought the waves to the beach 🌊 what's your favorite beach? At the moment, mine is Coronado Beach in San Diego ☀️
🌼 who's still vibing out to #freedum? what's your favorite song? | available on #itunes#spotify#applemusic#tidal
I want you to breathe me, let me be your air 🌬
when you got the mean hold on your phone cause it's wild big and gotta protect it by all means... ❗️
you got issues, I got 'em too 💔 | #issues link in bio ✨ have you heard my #remyxx yet?
i got issues, you got 'em too 💔 new tunes in bio | comment if you listened to #issues already 🔉
get you a girl that can do both 👩🏼‍💻👩🏼‍🍳
found some unseen Bts footage of us carrying on being gold goddesses ⭐️✨👑 never enough gold...ever. #chingalinga daze
moood 👑 #greatness
summa summa summa timee 🌞
things are happening 🙂
| out now; on iTunes & available for streaming everywhere ✨ #freedum🌼
| vibes for the summer ⚡️ New @maestroharrell ft yours truly. "Luv Me" avail everywhere ⚡️
| creating; the vibes tonight ✨ • it would be soo dope to hear another artist get on a track I made! 🙏🏽 🎼🎧🎹 1:10 am | #latenightenergy
| & some days, I like to rap. •
• link in bio | @applemusic #canthaveeverything #remake #drake
| clearly I have a thing for remaking @champagnepapi songs... so I remade the beat to this one... zoning out 🎧🎹 #fakelove
| w the 🐐 @jamesfauntleroyii ✨🙏🏽
| ON ; link in bio for the vibes. •

9 • 'Freedum'. #freedum🌼
• Now available for streaming everywhere. •

link in bio ✨ #applemusic #spotify #tidal
| 8 • 'Out In LA'. #freedum🌼
• Now available for streaming worldwide. •

🎨 by @dominickdejesus

link in bio ✨ #applemusic #spotify
| 7 • 'I Don't Wanna'. #freedum🌼
• Now available for streaming everywhere!! •
link in bio ✨ #applemusic #spotify
| 6 • 'ON'. #freedum🌼
• NOW available for streaming everywhere!! •

🎨 by @dominickdejesus

link in bio ✨ #applemusic #spotify
| my new EP, "Freedum" is now available for streaming worldwide!!! I'm extremely proud of this EP, because it came together w/ no label, no management. Just me + help from a few amazing people. So if you hit me ...
| 5 • 'Don't Stop'. #freedum🌼
• Now available for streaming worldwide!! | Link in Bio ✨ #spotify #applemusic
| who's ready for #freedum🌼? •
thank you to all those who helped make this come together! love to all the amazingly talented people who contributed! & sooo much love to everyone that's been supporting + pre-ordered & showing love, ...
| 4 • 'Drunk Right Now'. #freedum🌼
#1moreday; tomorrow! 🎨 by @dominickdejesus

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