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moood 👑 #greatness
things are changing ⚡️
summa summa summa timee 🌞
drenched in highlight ⚡️ @artcrooks + @andrewvandevon
sometimes we attach to things & associate them as "mine" to feed our egos belief in needing outside things to feel like we're enough. the ego always wants more. more girls. more guys. more money. more success. more attention, etc. ...
just do your thing
tell a young goddess she 'can't' + watch her do it anyway⚡️
happy Memorial Day tho ⚡️
things are happening 🙂
| why see the world, when you got the beach
| God is the ultimate plug 🔌🔌🔌
| out now; on iTunes & available for streaming everywhere ✨ #freedum🌼
| your time is coming; keep going. 🔜 #notestoselfnotestoyou
| you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. 💡
| no complaining; just level up + keep winning. •

My EP "Freedum" ; available for streaming everywhere 🌼
| vibes for the summer ⚡️ New @maestroharrell ft yours truly. "Luv Me" avail everywhere ⚡️
| in the last few years, my "look" was always something that was a continuous topic of conversation... I started to let my hair define who I was & if things didn't work, I blamed what I looked like & ...
| creating; the vibes tonight ✨ • it would be soo dope to hear another artist get on a track I made! 🙏🏽 🎼🎧🎹 1:10 am | #latenightenergy
| & some days, I like to rap. •
• link in bio | @applemusic #canthaveeverything #remake #drake
| clearly I have a thing for remaking @champagnepapi songs... so I remade the beat to this one... zoning out 🎧🎹 #fakelove
| w the 🐐 @jamesfauntleroyii ✨🙏🏽
‪| some days I feel like rapping... •
‪Can't Have Everything available on @AppleMusic ✨ ‬#canthaveeverything Link In Bio
| ...want a lot. cant have everything, can't have everything.
| ON ; link in bio for the vibes. •

9 • 'Freedum'. #freedum🌼
• Now available for streaming everywhere. •

link in bio ✨ #applemusic #spotify #tidal
| 8 • 'Out In LA'. #freedum🌼
• Now available for streaming worldwide. •

🎨 by @dominickdejesus

link in bio ✨ #applemusic #spotify
| 7 • 'I Don't Wanna'. #freedum🌼
• Now available for streaming everywhere!! •
link in bio ✨ #applemusic #spotify
| 6 • 'ON'. #freedum🌼
• NOW available for streaming everywhere!! •

🎨 by @dominickdejesus

link in bio ✨ #applemusic #spotify
| my new EP, "Freedum" is now available for streaming worldwide!!! I'm extremely proud of this EP, because it came together w/ no label, no management. Just me + help from a few amazing people. So if you hit me ...
| 5 • 'Don't Stop'. #freedum🌼
• Now available for streaming worldwide!! | Link in Bio ✨ #spotify #applemusic

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