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I really enjoy playing old 90's games lately! Playing DK right now! 😍🐒 What's your favorite video game? #aquamarin #nintendo64
How do I get better once I've had the best? ☔️
Have a good day Marins ❤️
Give it up baby, I hear you're doin' fine.
Nothing's gonna save me till I see it in your eyes. #aquamarin
Found a Dinglehopper! ❤️ #justmermaidthings #aquamarin
I know forever don't exist, but after this life I'll find you in the next. I'll keep finding you ❤️
Keep it up and fight again 💪 #aquamarin
I see now maybe there’s a reason why I've been through hell and back 🖤#aquamarin
If your love could be caged, honey I would hold the key and conceal it underneath the pile of lies you handed me.
I really want to swim in the ocean, feel the waves and taste the salt 🌊❤️ who want's to join?
It's gonna be a hot week guys! Try to stay near the water and keep yourself hydrated! ☀️🌊🍹
Have a great weekend you guys! ❤️☀️🍦
The past can't haunt me if I don't let it! Live and learn and never forget it ❤️ #aquamarin
If I had just one moment at your expense maybe all my misery would be well spent.
I’m told my best subject is sleeping, but I think it’s eating.
My love's a bullet with your name written on it. Just load it and spin it.
Feels like I'm drowning without your love
Sunday Mood
Some things only God can forgive
They woke up the lions 🦁
We were a match, but not a fit. We were a dream, unrealistic. We didn't lose, we didn't win. Sometimes I wonder what we could have been.
If I'm not evolving I'm just another robot taking up oxygen.
Who is still playing #pokémongo? Well, I do 💁🏻❤️
I don't want pity I just want what is mine.
Happy Birthday to my Queen of ❤️🎉🎂
I'd travel the world just to see your smile again! #aquamarin #aquamarinyoursmile

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