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‪What goes up will always come down. When it does go down‬
‪it will be a massive struggle to get back up but there's always a way to get back up‬
Thanks @flandangerous @andyblack for having @piercethealex and me on the @theandyshowtv
Things are better if I stay
So many plans💀
Always waiting to see something change.

Photo by @kyledavidhall
💀Stay calm
Trying to be cute with my Girlfriend
but instead I just look like Gollum trying to get the ring... Photo by @jordansweeto
Time is never time at all
Photo by @jeyyounit11
💀 Photo by @jeyyounit11
Chapter 1
Photo by @itsbobbymares
Wanting to stop thinking.

Photo cred @jeyyounit11
Is this just fantasy/
/// it all \\\ will be ok.
Mad world.
She's the best.
Happy birthday Easter bunny man.⏳ Working on lots of new things....
Looking dOwn.
I'm speechless we hit 1million followers on Instagram that's so insane to me.

Thank you all for all the support you are the best I'm very grateful.
2 is better then 1
Photo by @itsbobbymares
It will all happen at once.

#thugpugs 🙃
Just waiting...
Living as much as I can.
Looking in a light.
Go where you wanna go
Pic cred @itsbobbymares
Always trying...
Why do I look like L in this.

Photo credit @itsbobbymares
Been working on new music 🖖🏻

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