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The fact that I got this picture with my camera is still blowing my freaking mind. #solareclipse2017
The Aug. 21 2017 #solareclipse just before #totality from #charleston SC. Visible through some cloud cover. #bailysbeads
Detail of the edge of the Moon with solar prominences visible beyond it from today's #eclipse. Also some Baily's Beads.
Beneath the Daniel Island bridge in Charleston, SC
Photo from today's total #solareclipse2017Β from Charleston, SC
Today's #sun on #eclipse2017 Day at 600mm in white light. Note sunspot region 2671 front and center, another one coming around west limb!
"You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics looks so petty. You want to ...
Tried my new solar filter today in prep for the #eclipse. Here's a 600mm shot of the #sun, with #sunspot 2670 visible.
This isn't the Moonβ€”it's a crescent Earth photographed from lunar orbit by Apollo 15 on Aug. 3, 1971.
6:16 p.m. EDT, July 30, 1971: #apollo15 lands on the #moon, the 9th crewed Apollo mission & 4th on the lunar surface. 1st to use LRV. #otd #nasa #space #history
Our beautiful island Earth photographed by returning spacemen aboard #apollo11 during transearth coast on July 23, 1969. Back when we dared mighty things. #nasa #otd
I've been featured in my local newspaper because I made a thing with images from @nasajuno and the world noticed. πŸ€“
Just a reminder that 48 years ago today – at 10:56 p.m. EDT, to be precise – the first human footprint on another world was made when Neil Armstrong stepped off the ladder of the Apollo 11 LM "Eagle" onto ...
Earth beyond the LM photographed from #apollo11 before lunar orbit insertion on July 19, 1969 #otd (NASA image # AS11-36-5403)
Saturn's rings beyond its limb; subjective color comp made from raw #cassini images acquired in red, green, and methane filters on July 16. #space #saturn #nasa #cassiniInspires
This gorgeous little guy is called a Halloween Pennant; spotted him today on a walk in Lincoln RI. #dragonfly #macro #nature
Bee hugging a flower 🐝🌼❀️
Blue hydrocarbon haze layers extend 120 miles above #pluto's surface in this image, captured 2 years ago today by @NewHorizons2015 just after its historic close pass by Pluto and Charon. July 14, 2015.
Processed raw image from @NASAJuno of Jupiter's Great Red Spot on July 10, 2017. Angle and enhanced shadow contrast reveals cloud layers! This is my favorite one so far from the pass. πŸ‘πŸ»
This red #squirrel was spying on me during my walk on Sunday so I took his picture. Busted!
I'm sure Yoda is somewhere in there....
This is what #jupiter's famous Great Red Spot looked like to @NASA's Galileo spacecraft on June 26, 1996. @NASAJuno gets its look tomorrow! #grs
Today's full "Thunder #moon" from Warwick, #rhodeisland. July 9, 12:06 am EDT.
Six years ago today: the final launch. #nasa #atlantis #sts135 #space #launch #shuttle #ksc
Color image of Saturn's rings made from raw uncalibrated JPEGs acquired during @cassinisaturn's 12th gap pass on July 5, 2017 #cassiniinspires
No caption needed.
NASA's Mars Pathfinder mission landed 20 years ago today, putting our first rover on #mars! July 4, 1997...I remember seeing pictures from the mission on the internet...it used to take forever to download a "high-res" image on dial-up 14.4k modem!! ...
I always feel like
some bunny's watching me
Tonight's waxing gibbous #moon
Boyd's Windmill in Middletown, RI, built in 1810

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