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Tanzanite diamond sandwich ❤️ what rings do you want to see on video!? Let us know!
💎✨You can stack anything with the arch ring, or wear it alone :) 💎✨
A beautiful baby blue aquamarine is set in 18k yellow gold. A gorgeous handmade necklace
Marquise diamonds and rose cut sapphires. 👌🏻
Bday celebrations at Audry Rose 🎉
It's a gloomy day in Santa Monica, but it's still the weekend!
Electric blues ⚡️
That opal is pure magic! 🔮 ❤️
These fiery moonstone earrings add such a stunning statement 👊🏻 👊🏻
What a happy way to wake up this morning! Had to share. Tag someone who would love to see dogs eating cake 🐶 repost @etsy
🎶 Cool jewelry shining so bright... silk sheets & diamonds all white 🎶
A fiery moonstone surrounded by diamonds ❤️❤️
They are just too good. Pinks and blues make the perfect combination 😍🌟
Some of our favorites 😍😍⚡️
A vibrant pink sapphire between two green tourmaline ❤️❤️
✨🌟 When you wish upon a star🌟
The healing stone stack ❤️Combines the healing energy of a rough cut apatite with a smooth rose gold band and a sprinkling of beautiful diamonds
This absolutely magical stack of blues and diamonds 💙🌹 💙🌹
Happy Friday! No better way to kick off the weekend then with a vibrant sapphire and colorful watermelon tourmaline 🔥🔥🔥
The Winter Forest Morganite ring featuring a center morganite with champagne diamonds and dazzling blue sapphires ❤️🔥
Layered to perfection. 👌🏻
These bi colored watermelon tourmaline are in beautiful shades of pink and green. Cannot keep my eyes off them! 🍉 💎
The sapphire is a stone of wisdom and royalty. Considered the gem of gems. Also- who can resist that vibrant blue color??
Giddy about this combination of rose gold rings 🔥🔥🔥
What good is a cup of coffee without the buzz!? ☕️ #mondays
You can still turn heads with simple elegance. ❤️
Mixing metals for this Sunday. The pink sapphires in the yellow gold band perfectly complement the rose gold diamond band
Hike in the day, getting dressed up for dinner at @gjelinarestaurant tonight. Feeling elegant yet relaxed.
Ha! Tag your significant other 😉

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